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XXXI Olympic Games

- August 5 - 21, 2016 -

5 Best Apps to Follow All of the Olympic Action On-the-Go

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- Rio de Janeiro -


Coat of arms:


6.476 million people (2015)


Brazilian real (R$)
(1 US Dollar = 3,33 Brazilian real)*

Time zone:

-1h from Miami (GMT-1), -2h from Kansas (GMT-2), -3h from San Francisco (GMT-3)

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- Olympic Games Mascot -

Vinicius was born on October 2, 2009, when it was announced that Rio would host the XXXI Olympic Games.

He is a mixture of all the Brazilian animals. Vinicius can stretch and stretch himself, as much as he wants. And since he’s a mixture of Brazilian animals, he can do all the best things that they can do: he can run fast, jump high and be strong. He can also imitate the voice of any animal.

Vinicius lives his life playing, jumping, running and smiling, ¡He is like a child!

His mission is to spread joy and celebrate the friendship that flourishes between people from all over the world at the Olympic Games.

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- Apps to stay updated -

Rio 2016

Want to know all about the Olympic torch relay? In this new version of the Rio 2016 app, fans will be able to follow the torchbearers along the relay route all over Brazil.

The Olympics

The official app from the International Olympics Committee allows you to track your favorite Olympic sports and athletes as well as search for Olympic medalists by games, athlete and country. You can also re-live top moments from Sochi 2014, London 2012, Vancouver 2010, Beijing 2008.

NBC Olympics: Rio News & Results

Get the latest news and schedules for all 34 Olympic sports, plus track the Team USA roster with the official app for the NBC sports organization. Features of the app include: live streaming coverage, real-time results and medal standings, video highlights, athlete profiles and photo galleries.

Brazil 2016 Games

Stay informed about all of the day-to-day updates surrounding the 2016 Games and get access to a medals table, complete schedule and historical information about the past Olympics.

Rio 2016 Social Hub

Want to follow all of the action of Olympic athletes on social media? This app connects you with the verified profiles of Olympians across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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- Olympic sports -

No. of participants : 10,500 athletes

Participating countries: 206

Dates: From the 5th to the 21st of August (17 days)

Tickets on sale: 7.5 million

Competition sites in Rio: 32 in total
Distributed into 4 regions:
Barra (15), Maracaná (4), Deodoro (9) and Copacabana (4)

Sports: 42 (New sports: Golf and Rugby)

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- Outdoor sports -

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- Indoor sports -

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- Map of Olympic Medals -

Countries Gold Silver Bronze
1. United States 46 37 38
2. United Kingdom 27 23 17
3. China 26 18 26
4. Russian Federation 19 18 19
5. Germany 17 10 15
6. Japan 12 8 21
7. France 10 18 14
8. Republic of Korea 9 3 9
9. Italy 8 12 8
10. Australia 8 11 10

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